3rd Quarter STEM

Our 3rd Quarter STEM class is off to an exciting start! We have several students who chose to continue with STEM to continue their projects. We also have several new folks that have joined our group who bring new enthusiasm and willingness to work and help out!

Hats off to Cary and Cheryl, who have been working with and training students to plant and transplant young vegetable seedlings growing in our hoop house. There are now 6 raised beds with a nice, rich compost and soil blend, created by our 2nd quarter students. One bed already has some wonderful vegies thriving!

More hats off to Mr. Rocco Gianni, of retired LMS fame, now a school board member. Rocco worked hard and overcame some struggles to work with a team of students to pressure wash the greenhouse. It looks SO much better, and we immediately noticed the increase in the amount of light that can come through the panes to help the plants grow!

greenhouse power wash          pw3gh pw2       IMG_6011


The extension has been approved and we have a dedicated, hard-working crew busily clearing blackberries as well as bringing in compost and soil to build the new beds with Cary & Cheryl. Last year’s beds have been turned and mulched and it won’t be too long before outdoor planting.


IMG_6018 IMG_6016

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