Summer in the garden

IMG_20150720_173725829No garden is complete without a sunflower!

We have had quite a busy summer! The bees have been happily pollinating our vegetables, and we have almost planted out all of our fall beds! Tomatoes, peppers, basil, and even our one eggplant are very happy producers in the Greenhouse.

We just harvested 30 pounds of produce from the garden that will grow directly to Good Cheer and Whidbey Island Nourishes. We are feeling really good about this season’s harvest and the bounty it’s providing to those in need. But don’t worry LMS students, there will be plenty left over for you!

IMG_20150804_173229638   IMG_20150804_173029984  IMG_20150726_150308832

The sungolds are ready to be picked, the cucumbers are reaching new heights, and we’re growing colorful varieties of peppers in abundance! And the first summer squash is coming on!

As our harvests continue to grow, keep an eye out for more posts!


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