Garden extension then and now

So long August! Hello September! Only one more week until school starts and the garden is as bountiful as ever. But, before we get carried away with the delicious garden treats we have for the middle school, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on an important addition to LMS. One that was started with the help of last years 7th grade flex class and the Dream Team. One that is well on its way to being a major player in ramping up our production for this years salad bar. Yes folks, it’s our new extension! Below is a compilation of the extension from then to now…


wpid-wp-1441143691733.jpeg    wpid-wp-1441143872320.jpeg

We added six additional beds to the LMS garden. The seventh graders worked hard on measuring, prepping, digging, applying compost, more digging, and even showed us their carpentry skills, to make this garden extension happen!

IMG_20150319_085459964   IMG_20150416_150957386


The kids were really excited to see a tractor in action. A big thanks to Chris Korrow for taking time to dig up the area, using a friendlier spading tractor attachment- similar to hand spading- leaving a nice porous, permeable bed.



Wow, what a transformation!



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