About our project

History of LMS Garden and Founders:

We broke ground on the LMS Community Garden Project in September of 2007. The idea had been floating around for some time – an accessible space to create a garden that could bridge the gap between the community and the school settings. Our mission is to demonstrate as wide a variety of low-impact garden techniques as possible. As our first growing season rolls on, we plan to bring students and community members into the garden to work and learn together.

All of the produce we grow this season will be donated to Good Cheer Food Bank and the WIN (Whidbey Island Nourishes) sack lunch program. We can’t wait for the first peas and lettuce to be ready for harvest!

Some of our projects which will be covered here sooner or later:

  • rainwater storage barrels – half of the water falling on our shed is collected into a series of 8 rain barrels. They’re all attached to each other and will function as one MEGA-barrel. Based on the size of the roof and the amount of rainfall (30-35 inches a year), we’re looking at 1200 gallons or so of water.
  • rain garden – the other half of the shed drains into a dry creek bed filled with gravel, which will carry it about 15 feet to our rain garden.
  • hoophouse – we’re putting up a fairly simple 20X10 hoophouse to help us extend the growing season.
  • bed-building – our beds are constructed by tilling up the sod underneath them, piling it, raking it smooth, and covering with a solid layer of compost to provide nutrients and keep down weeds.

Who we are:


Susie Richards

Kimmer Morris

Anza Muenchow


Micah Sewell


4 comments on “About our project

  1. Leslie Kelly says:

    Hi you guys…I’m checking in to see what’s new with the LMS Garden since the last article on it in the Good Cheer Newsletter last fall. Can you email me an update of what you’ve been doing and what’s planned for this early spring? We are putting out our next newsletter in a few weeks and want to run an update on the LMS garden along with a story I am writing on the new garden at Good Cheer Bayview. If you prefer to call me, that’s great, too.
    Leslie Kelly (579-1263)

  2. barbara wells says:

    three cheers to everyone,especially kimmer. your webpage and organization is impressive…keep going and good luck. bobbie.

  3. marty says:

    I am trying to start a greenhouse at my school in Vanderhoof. I believe that it will be a community greenhouse as well. Wondering if I can have a look at your set up. Will be in Langley April 16-19.

  4. msewell says:

    Marty – I’m sure we can work something out – send an e-mail to kimmerlyzimmer at yahoo.com and tell Kimmer about your plans. Thanks!

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