LMS Beans!

Recently, Elli, Liam And Quinn have been sorting beans from the LMS garden, composting the pods and stems.

beans1 beans2


Squash-fest Science 7! 11-10-14


from Makenna

The seventh grade science students of LMS got to enjoy some nice cooked squash.  The squash was kindly donated by Cary Peterson and her helper, Cheryl.  There were some delicious choices to taste.  It varied from butternut squash, kabocha, and delicata squash. It was no secret that all of these were tasty but we all had to vote on one sadly.

…and the winner was……… Delicata!!! although all of them were great!

squash5 squash4 squash3 squash2 squash1


photos from Elli:

squash9 squash8 squash7 squash6

2nd Quarter STEM

from Andrew and Madison:

We are hoping to extend the LMS garden. Click here to check out our proposal:  extension proposal

from Tyler:

Down in the greenhouse, Caleb, Aidan, and Cary are working to winterize the garden.  They have blocked off both the doors to the greenhouse.  The plants have unfortunately started to wilt, due to the freezing temperatures.  The greenhouse crew is trying to keep the greenhouse warm by possibly using incubators and locking up the doors so that the cold air can’t get in as easily.  The greenhouse group also wants everyone to know not to use the front door, as it is messed up and broken.  They are planning on asking the mayor of Langley if he knows any carpenters to design a new, better door.

Cary, Aidan, and Caleb are winterizing the greenhouse

stem gh4 stem gh3 stem gh2 stem gh



harvest pic

fall harvest for Good Cheer!


from Sarah–who do we grow food for? click here to see:

Garden harvest (2)

Apple Taste Test: LMS Cafeteria–October 9, 2014

From Samantha & Emily:

During the month of October the students in Ms. Milan’s 7th grade enrichment planned an apple tasting. The purpose of this tasting was to find out which type of apples the students of LMS like so that we can grow an apple tree for LMS.

On Thursday October, 9th the Fresh Food For Lunch students set up tables for tasting and slicing the apples. The four different types of apples were Fuji, Liberty, Akane, and Alchemy. Thanks to all of the 7th graders who donated apples from their homes for the event!

IMG_5788 IMG_5789 IMG_5790 IMG_5791 IMG_5793 IMG_5796 IMG_5797 IMG_5798 IMG_5800

LMS 7th Grade Science & STEM

Science 7: Students have been observing and recording LMS Deer Tongue lettuce, our own special variety! The seed is being saved for planting for the next growing season.

7th Grade STEM is an enthusiastic group who have ideas and energy! We have several groups, developing several projects. More to come, as fall quarter unfolds! Here is a quick look at what the STEM Class has been up to:

1) Garden Crew: Work with Cary in the garden-harvesting, planting, weeding, and prepping beds for winter. They are also working on an overview of the garden for the blog….coming soon!

2) Fruit Tree Group: One idea is to plant fruit trees to add to the variety of foods we can provide for the school and community. There will be a taste test of local apple varieties in the LMS cafeteria to see what apples LMS students prefer.

3) Recipe Teams: Recipes using seasonal, LMS produce: Several students have been finding and trying out recipes. They have been making movies of the garden produce and are planning a bake sale to support the garden!

4) Chickens, anyone? This group has been looking into the feasibility of raising chickens at LMS. There are many reasons why this might not be possible, but the ideas, designs and planning have been energetic and creative!

5) Greenhouse group: Will our beans germinate? Where is the sun during the day? We are figuring out how we can extend our LMS growing season using the greenhouse. 

Gearing Up for Garden Grown Lunches!

It’s not too often that the Fourth of July brings on thoughts of the first days of the school year but out at the Langley Middle School garden we are gearing up for fall lunches! The last beds of peas and lettuce planted by 7th grade students in the spring are finally coming to their end of production and are being pulled in order to make room for a new bounty. Broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, and more are tucked neatly in rows preparing to fuel and nourish middle schoolers as they enter another academic year.


Four varieties of broccoli for fall school lunches.

I love knowing that the work we put into the garden during summer vacation will be much appreciated by families and children alike. If there is one thing my month on this island working in these beautiful gardens has revealed, it is the myth that young children do not like vegetables. From day one engaging with the Susan Milan’s 7th grade enrichment class I saw an eagerness and interest from the students to learn about growing food. When I asked a boy from Ms. Milan’s class who was helping in the garden what his favorite way to cook kale was, he did not give me a questioning or disgusted look in response but instead surprised me by saying he liked it best raw! Raw kale! Who would have thought from a twelve year old boy? Even our younger volunteers from the Children’s Center continue to amaze me with their knowledge and attentiveness to the food they are having a hand in growing. Many say they help in their home vegetable gardens and planting is one of their favorite activities. A rejoicing cheer went out when the big bowl of salad came out for lunch at our last work party.

Needless to say, the South Whidbey School Gardens are beginning to witness and record the narrative of children’s love of fresh, tasty vegetables. We intend to meet the demand for delicious produce from day one this upcoming school year. So put your minds at ease, LMS-ers because this week into the ground go the carrot and cucumber seeds beside the broccoli starts and ripening tomatoes. You will have your veggies and eat them too!

Planting broccoli starts!

Planting broccoli starts!


See you in the garden!

-Kaitlin Greene, South Whidbey School Garden Apprentice