Another delicious spring

March, 2009

The LMS Community garden is coming to life for its second growing season, and we have some exciting events coming up for March:

Our spring work party will be March 14th from 1 to 3.  Projects include: finishing bed preparation, putting soil amendments and compost on beds, putting up more chicken wire to keep out those hungry bunnies, and (weather permitting) staining the gate.

Polly Schmitt ties down chicken wire

Polly Schmitt ties down chicken wire at last fall’s work party

There will also be a solar panel and water pump installation/ demonstration on March 14th.  From 10AM until 3PM.  This is a free demonstration of how to install a small solar panel and water pump.  Local Solar & Wind expert, Kelly Keilwitz, will lead the installation process (see his website at:

Students from the Langley Middle School Adventure Ed. class will be doing preliminary garden bed work and preparing the pathways for cardboard and gunny sacks this spring.  They will also be pulling out all the old tomato plants from the greenhouse, getting it ready for a new crop.