Worm Bin Delivery!

Check out our new commercial quality worm bin which was just delivered! Thanks to Janet Hall of Island County Wastewise for making this possible and coordinating with Bugabay, our local experts in vermiculture. Many thanks to a grant from the Dept. of Ecology for funding this project.

photos by Lizzy

worm bin 6 worm bin 5 worm bin 4 worm bin 3 worm bin 2 worm bin 1


Compost and Potatoes

These pictures are of the garden this fourth quarter. We’re learning how to build compost bins and plant potatoes. Way to go L.M.S. STEM!

by Dayton

compost bins plant taters 1

plant taters 2       Displaying IMG_0358.JPG

LMS Hoophouse Happenings

The greenhouse group is working on taking care of the freshly grown plants in our greenhouse so they can be used in our cafeteria. We are also working on getting other new lettuce plants ready for transplanting to blocks of soil. by Makenna, 4th Quarter STEM

hoophouse April 2015 1 hoop april 2015 10 hoop april 2015 9 hoop april 2015 8 hoop april 2015 7 hoop april 2015 6 hoop april 2015 5 hoop april 2015 3 hoophouse april 2015 2