LMS Beans!

Recently, Elli, Liam And Quinn have been sorting beans from the LMS garden, composting the pods and stems.

beans1 beans2


Squash-fest Science 7! 11-10-14


from Makenna

The seventh grade science students of LMS got to enjoy some nice cooked squash.  The squash was kindly donated by Cary Peterson and her helper, Cheryl.  There were some delicious choices to taste.  It varied from butternut squash, kabocha, and delicata squash. It was no secret that all of these were tasty but we all had to vote on one sadly.

…and the winner was……… Delicata!!! although all of them were great!

squash5 squash4 squash3 squash2 squash1


photos from Elli:

squash9 squash8 squash7 squash6

2nd Quarter STEM

from Andrew and Madison:

We are hoping to extend the LMS garden. Click here to check out our proposal:  extension proposal

from Tyler:

Down in the greenhouse, Caleb, Aidan, and Cary are working to winterize the garden.  They have blocked off both the doors to the greenhouse.  The plants have unfortunately started to wilt, due to the freezing temperatures.  The greenhouse crew is trying to keep the greenhouse warm by possibly using incubators and locking up the doors so that the cold air can’t get in as easily.  The greenhouse group also wants everyone to know not to use the front door, as it is messed up and broken.  They are planning on asking the mayor of Langley if he knows any carpenters to design a new, better door.

Cary, Aidan, and Caleb are winterizing the greenhouse

stem gh4 stem gh3 stem gh2 stem gh



harvest pic

fall harvest for Good Cheer!


from Sarah–who do we grow food for? click here to see:

Garden harvest (2)